Step 1

make sure pipe connection area is cleaned

Photo By: Cary Wiedman

Cary Wiedman

Clean the Pipe

Use emery cloth to clean the outside of the pipe where the connection will be made.

Use emery cloth or a small wire brush to clean the inside of the fitting to be soldered onto the pipe.

Step 2

Secure the Fitting

Use a small paintbrush to apply flux to the inside of the fitting (Image 1).

Secure the fitting to the pipe (Image 2).

Step 3

Heat the Fitting

Use the torch to heat the outside of the fitting (Image 1).
Touch the tip of the solder to the joint of the pipe and its fitting (Image 2). The solder will melt right into the joint.

After the solder has cooled, wipe away any excess, making sure that solder completely encircles the joint, with no gaps.