Step 1

remove cover from the clean out on main drain

Clean the Drain

Remove the cover from the clean out on the main drain.

Step 2

use jetting machine on main drain to clean pipes

Secure the Hose, and Turn on the Machine

Insert the hose as far as it will go. Secure the hose.

Power-up the machine. A jetting machine has a nozzle that uses jets to force its way through the pipe toward the clog and has a heavy head, which acts like a hammer as it breaks through the clogs and cleans the pipes.

Step 3

Feed the Hose, Inspect the Drain

Feed the hose through the drain line (Image 1).

Use a specialized camera (Image 2) to ensure the clog is removed, the line is clear and that there are no breaks on the lines. Run the sewer camera down the entire length of the drain line all the way to the septic tank.