Step 1

find location where water collects

Find a Location

The first step to installing a sump pump is to find a location where the water collects. This location needs to be near a GFCI (Ground Fault Interrupter Outlet, pictured) for the sump pump to be plugged into. If you don't have a plug near the site, have a certified electrician install one.

Step 2

dig a hole for the sump

Dig a Hole for the Sump

Dig a hole six inches deeper and 10 inches wider than the sump. Place three inches of gravel in the bottom of the hole. Place the sump into the hole.

Step 3

preparing the sump pump for operation

Add More Gravel

Stand in the sump, then pour more gravel around the sump leaving one or two inches at the top of the sump exposed. it's now time to prepare the pump for operation.

Step 4

attach the adapters

Attach the Adapters

Glue the male adapter to the PVC discharge pipe, then place into the female adapter on the pump. Using a 1/4 inch drill, make a hole into the discharge pipe six inches above the pump. This is called a weep hole, which allows water to flow back into the pump when it's turned off to keep it primed.

Step 5

install check valve

Install a Check Valve

Attach the pumps electrical cord to the discharge pipe using wire ties. Install a check valve on the open end of the discharge pipe. Place the pump into the sump and prepare to run the water out of the house. Make sure you use a check valve that is made for vertical operation.

Step 6

channel water from pump and away from house

Channel Water Away From the House

Use pressurized fittings and 1 1/2 inch PVC to channel water from the pump and away from the house.

Step 7

run PVC through wall

Run PVC Through the Wall

Install 'J' hooks to hang the PVC from the joists. Make a hole through the outside wall to run the PVC out. If you need to make a hole through a block wall, use a hammer to make the hole. Use a rotary hammer to break through brick.

Step 8

apply silicone sealant into hole

Apply Sealant to the Hole

Apply silicone sealant into the hole where the pipe comes out of the house. Complete the connections in order to run the water at least four feet away from the house.

Step 9

attach increaser on end of pipe

Spread Out the Water Flow

Attach a 1 1/2 inch by three inch increaser on the end of the pipe to spread out the water flow. Next, attach corrugated pipe to the PVC pipe. This will dispense the water even more.

Step 10

place cover over sump

Cover the Sump

Place gravel around the corrugated pipe to keep it in place. Plug in the pump. Place the cover over the sump.