Choosing a Bathroom Faucet

Swapping out old faucets for new is a simple way to make a big splash.


push pull faucet is one type single handle faucet

Photo By: James Calloway

James Calloway

Faucets come in three basic styles. Double-handle faucets, as the name implies, use separate handles for hot and cold water. Single-handle faucets are available as push-pull faucets, which, like the one seen here, are pulled straight out and rotated to adjust temperature, or tilt faucets, which are tilted back and moved from side to side to adjust the water mix. Some single-handle faucets use levers, which can be easier for children or people with arthritis to use.

Quality is the first thing to consider when purchasing a faucet. You don't necessarily have to buy the most expensive faucet, but you want to be sure that it will give you trouble-free service for several years.


size of new faucet is something to consider

Photo By: James Calloway

James Calloway

Bathroom sinks are designed for 4", seen here, or 8" faucets. Larger faucets don't use escutcheon plates, the decorative covers that conceal the inner parts of the faucet. Smaller faucets are available both with and without escutcheon plates. If the sink is damaged or corroded under the existing faucet, you'll probably want to choose a replacement with an escutcheon plate.


modern faucet adds flair to bathroom decor

Photo By: James Calloway

James Calloway

All of the metal fixtures in your bathroom should match. Polished chrome, for example, doesn't mix well with antique brass. Porcelain cross-handle or old-fashioned brass faucets are ideal for traditional or country style baths. For newer bathrooms, consider a more modern sculptured faucet with sleek lines and contemporary detailing that can add flair to an otherwise plain room.

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