Tips on Using Paint Sprayers or Paint Guns

Paint sprayers can save a lot of time when painting large contoured areas. Learn these tips on using paint sprayers from DIY Network.
paint gun uses high volumes of air to spray paint

paint gun uses high volumes of air to spray paint

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A relatively new addition to the world of sprayers is the high-volume low-pressure (HVLP) paint gun. As its name implies, this paint gun uses high volumes of air to spray paint at low pressure. Its main benefit is that it produces much less waste than traditional paint guns.

HVLP paint guns have several different controls, including a knob in back that controls the amount of paint released when the trigger is pulled and a knob on the side of the handle that controls the air/paint mix. A nozzle in front may be adjusted to control the spray pattern -- horizontally for painting side to side, vertically for painting up and down and diagonally for a tight spray pattern.

Instead of using a standard air compressor, an HVLP paint gun uses a turbine. The system is designed to draw paint directly from the paint can, thus avoiding the mess commonly associated with paint sprayers.

When painting with an HVLP paint gun, always wear a dust mask and safety glasses. Instead of taping areas around the perimeter of the surface, use a piece of cardboard to prevent unwanted paint spray.

When planning to paint a large object such as a fence, consider renting a larger unit.

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