Measure and Mark the Wall for Stripes

The project starts by finding the center point on the biggest wall. From the center point, mark the wall every 12 inches. Use a level and a pencil to mark the vertical lines every 12 inches around the perimeter of the room. (A chalk line or laser line can also be used to mark the lines.) Next, apply painter's tape directly on the lines. Tape the ceiling, baseboard and window trim, so the paint won't drip on them.

Step 1


Paint the First Stripe

When using the roller, start in the center of the stripe and make long strokes so the paint distributes evenly.

Step 2


Apply Painter's Tape and Paint the Second Stripe

After the first stripe dries, apply painter’s tape for the second stripe. Lay the new strip of tape on the left side of the tape that was used to mark off the first stripe (in the area that wasn’t painted). Line the new strip of tape perfectly with the existing strip of tape to ensure a uniform width on the stripe. Paint the second stripe soft beige to contrast the green stripe.

Step 3


Pull the Tape Off

Pull the tape off at a 45-degree angle so any fresh paint isn’t peeled off too.

Step 4


Apply Tape and Paint the Smaller Stripes

Once the second stripe dries, apply tape to both sides of the yellow stripes (the areas that were not previously painted).

Paint the smaller stripes darker green and the wider stripes brown.