Step 1

spray clear primer over fan blades

Spray Fan with Clear Primer

Clear primer is sprayed over the fan blades (make sure to wear a face mask for this step).

Step 2

create fan blades with look of old rusty metal

Paint Blades with Acrylic Paint

Dark iridescent stainless-steel acrylic paint is brushed on the blades and pushed or textured into the blades with a crumpled paper towel to create the look of old rusty meta.

Step 3

ceiling fan glass globe is painted

Paint the Globe

The ceiling fan glass globe is painted with Terra Mauve acrylic paint to give the glass a warm amber glow when lit.

Paint Color: (Benjamin Moore Terra Mauve 105)

Step 4

Put the Room Back Together

Now all that's left to do is put the room together and admire the new look. The new look of the room, with its earthy colors and textures, is both warm and cozy.