Step 1

apply base coat of paint to bookcase

Apply the Base Coat of Paint

Apply the Lewisville Green paint with the the foam brush.

Pro Tip

When painting wood, always paint in the direction of the wood grain.

Step 2

draw a border on both sides of bookcase

Draw the Border

When the paint is dry, draw a border on both sides of the bookcase and mark it off with painter's tape.

Step 3

glue on the craft pearls

Glue on the Craft Pearls

Plastic craft pearls (6 yds.) are cut to fit the border and glued in place. Cord or lace could also be used in place of the pearls.

Step 4

apply paint to inside panel and pearls

Apply Paint to Inside Panel and Pearls

While the glue dries, tape of the outside border.

Next, apply Maidenhair Fern paint on the inside panel and the pearls. The darker green border gives strength to the piece, making it pop against the walls, and the lighter green adds dimension and visual interest.

Step 5

Brush Gold Paint on the Pearls

When the paint is dry, brush the Metallic Pale Gold paint on each of the pearls; the gold color will tie back in to the gold bed frame.