Step 1

set laser level from top of tub deck

Make Measurements

Measure 11 and 7/8" down from the top of the tub deck and make a mark. Set the laser level at this height.

Step 2

attach batten board to tub deck

Add Support to the Tub Deck

Attach a batten board to the tub deck. The board supports the row of tiles from slipping down.

Step 3

Apply the Thinset and Set the Tiles

Mix a bucket of thinset to a peanut butter consistency (Image 1). Back butter the tiles with a 3/16" square-notch trowel (Image 2).

Set the tiles along the batten board using spacers to ensure even placement (Image 3).

To determine the size of the tiles around the top of the tub, set the tile on top and use a level to make sure it is flush with the front (Image 4). Scribe a line across the top of the tile so that the tile will fall just under the lip of the tub (Image 5).

Step 4

cut and set the tiles under tub

Cut the Tiles

Use a wet saw to cut the tiles and set these tiles in the same manner as the ones on the front, spread a layer of thin set and slide the tile under the tub.