Step 1

Damaged Portion Of Concrete Step Removed With Concrete Saw

Concrete Saw Used To Remove Damaged Portion Of Concrete Step

A concrete saw with a hose is used to remove the damaged portion of a concrete step.

Remove the Damaged Step

Use a concrete saw with a hose attachment to remove damaged part of step. The hose helps keep the blade cool and keep down dust. ( Follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe use of the concrete saw.)

Step 2

Concrete Steps Repaired Using Wooden Form

Building a Wooden Form To Repair Concrete Steps

This wooden form will hold the concrete that will repair these crumbling steps.

Build a Form

Build a form for the step. In our case, we used a piece of lumber. Spray form with cooking oil to keep it from sticking to concrete.

Step 3

Fill the Form With Concrete

Mix concrete to manufacturer's instructions and pour into form. Tap form to remove air pockets in the cement and to help it settle. Use a magnesium float to smooth the cement. Finish off with a trowel. Remove form. Avoid walking on the step for 24 hours or more, depending on the cure rate for your cement product.