Prep the Area and Turn Off the Power

Remove anything hanging on the wall including switch plates. Lay a drop cloth or protective cover over your countertop and appliances. As a precaution, turn off power at the breaker box for the area where you will be working.

Using the level, measure behind the stove across the counter for a reference point of where to begin placing the tile.

Step 1



Measure and Cut the Tiles to Size

Wear gloves when cutting the tiles, the cut edges can be very sharp. Plan to use the un-cut, factory edges on any exposed points, they’ll have a straighter line and are less likely to be sharp.

If you need to cut a hole in the tile for a switch plate or outlet, use a drill to start the hole. Make it big enough so you can get the blade of the tin snips into it, then cut out the rest of the shape.

Step 2

Secure the Tiles to the Wall

Generously apply the construction adhesive to the tiles, then carefully place the tiles on the wall. Slide the next tile in behind the first to get a seamless look.