Determine Mantel Placement

Determine the height of the mantle on the brick fireplace. Most mantels are placed about 60" above the floor. Mark the grout line that is closest to the desired height. Place marks on the grout line every 16". Make sure those marks are level, centered and extend far enough to cover the mantel’s length.

Step 1

drill holes at each mark

Drill Sleeve Holes

Drill holes at each mark using a drill and 3/4" masonry bit. Mark the drill bit with tape at the 3" mark so you’ll know how deep to go.

Step 2

insert lead sleeves into holes

Insert Sleeves

Insert lead sleeves into the holes. The sleeves are ridged and are designed to grab the masonry surface when lag screws are driven into them.

Step 3

drive lag bolts

Drive Lag Bolts

Insert a 10" lag bolt into each sleeve and tighten to secure. Once all bolts are secured in the lead sleeves, use an angle grinder to cut off the heads of the lag bolts.

Step 4

Drill Mantel Holes

Mark on the rear of the mantel where the lag bolts will hit. Make sure to measure and mark accurately so that the mantle holes will align perfectly with the lag bolts. Drill 1/2" holes across the back of the mantle to accept the lag bolts.

Step 5

install the mantle

Install Mantel

Apply high-temperature silicone to the end of all lag bolts. Lift the mantle into place and push firmly onto the lag bolts.