Step 1

Dry Fit the Pieces

Measure and cut pieces of 1/4" plywood for the area that will be covered with the copper backsplash (Image 1). Make sure to cut the holes for the electrical boxes and faucet as well.

Dry fit the pieces (Image 2).

Step 2

cut marked areas of copper

Cut the Copper

Transfer the cutouts to the back of the first copper sheet. Do this by laying the plywood on top of the backside of the copper sheet and tracing the holes with a pencil.

Cut the marked areas using a tool with a carbarundum cutting wheel. Be sure to wear safety goggles when cutting metal.

Step 3

apply construction adhesive to back of copper

Secure the Plywood and the Copper

Apply construction adhesive to the back side of the plywood, and stick the plywood to the wall.

Apply construction adhesive to the back of the copper backsplash as well -- a dollop in each square -- and set it to the wall. Overlap the next piece about 1/2" so the pattern will match.

Step 4

drill pilot holes through copper for nails

Nail the Copper and Trim the Backsplash

Use the special copper nails to finish off the backsplash. Drill pilot holes through the copper for the nails. Be careful nailing because copper is soft and will dent easily.

To trim the copper backsplash, measure and cut pieces of trim and mold cover, and nail them into place using an impulse finish nailer and 1-1/2" nails.