Prepare Wall

Clean the area you wish to plaster.

Step 1

Apply Plaster to Wall

Stir the Venetian plaster (Image 1). Drop a dollop of plaster on one spatula (Image 2). Using the second spatula, scrape off some plaster and spread it in a quick, circular motion on the wall (Image 3). Continue this process across the entire area. Some of the bare wall will show through the plaster, but this will be covered later.

Step 2

Layer a Second Coat of Plaster

Apply a Second Coat

Add Second Coat

Wait four hours, then apply a second coat of plaster. Continue these steps until the plaster is the desired thickness.

Step 3

Finish Wall With Steel Wool

Finish Surface and Let Dry

Finish Surface and Let Dry

Let dry four hours. Gently rub the plaster with steel wool to give it a shine. If desired, apply an acrylic top coat using the same method you used to apply the plaster. Let dry for eight hours.