Step 1

Set Up the Oven Base

Begin by prepping the area for the installation, providing a level space and following any special instructions or precautions that come with the kit. With the location prepped, set up the oven base according to the manufacturer's instructions. Place the oven frame and component frames in the desired location. Allow the front edge of the lower oven base to overhang the oven frame by 1 inch. Secure the oven base to the frame with screws.

Step 2

lay the bricks using a basic mortar mix

Begin to Brick the Fireplace

Using a basic mortar mix of sand, concrete and water, set up one row of bricks around the perimeter to secure the base. Then lay a course of bricks "soldier style" under the oven components and each lower door. Continue bricking the front, making certain that the grout lines are about 1/2" thick (Image 1).

Step 3

use oven frame as guide for attaching stone arches

Attach the Arches

Attach the lower stone arches, following the oven frame as a guide. The bricks adjacent to the stone arches may need to be custom cut for proper fit (Image 1). Continue bricking around the rest of the base, making certain to leave the rear mesh-covered ventilation areas open.

Step 4

mortar is used in joints between stones

Add the Top of the Oven

Place the top portion of the oven on the base and secure with screws, making certain that the tabs on the side of the oven base fit in the underside slots of the oven dome. Attach the stone arch above the oven door on the arched templates, using high-temperature, weather-resistant caulk. Mortar the joints between the stones for a uniform look (Image 1).

Step 5

Attach the Chimney

Attach the oven chimney, securing it with screws. Attach the doors per the instructions in the kit. To finish, install countertop surfaces of your choice. If using concrete countertops, you may stain the countertops, if desired.