Step 1

rebar cutting and bending machine saves time

Position the Safety Bar

Concrete is poured over rebar to create a slab -- rebar provides reinforcement.

A reciprocating saw has typically been used to cut rebar in the past but has been time-consuming and labor-intensive. Rebar was bent into shape with a manual bending tool. Today, a rebar cutting and bending machine eliminates much of the work and saves time. The machine can cut and bend up to number 5 rebar.

First, make sure the yellow safety bar is in the correct position to lock the blades out of the way.

Step 2

Adjust the Setting and Bend the Rebar

Extend the safety curtain (Image 1) and change the setting on the machine to correspond to the size of rebar to be used.

Place the rebar in the machine, making sure it extends at least 8" past the area where the bend is desired (Image 2). Hold the bar in place and pull the trigger to bend the rebar.

Step 3

open safety switch

Open the Safety Switch

Set the dial to cut.

Turn the machine on its side and open the yellow safety switch.

Step 4

place rebar in teeth of machine to cut

Cut the Rebar

Place the rebar in the teeth of the machine, making sure the rebar is up against the back safety blade. The safety blade provides pressure so that the teeth are tightly engaged and the surface is even.

Pull the trigger to make the cut.