Step 1

protect brickwork with plastic wrap

Wash the Area

Pressure wash the area. Before applying the stain, the surface must be completely dry and free of all paints, wax, grease, dirt and other contaminants. Wrap plastic around the walls to protect the brickwork.

Step 2

apply stain with plastic garden sprayer

Apply the Stain

Fill an all-plastic garden sprayer half way with water and then slowly add stain, careful to avoid splashing. Apply the stain with an all-plastic garden sprayer. Start in the corner and randomly spray the mixture, holding the nozzle of the wand approximately 18 inches from the floor. Apply the mixture generously, allowing it to fully coat the concrete...just short of puddling.

Step 3

hose down area to remove residue

Add a Second Coat

Once the floor is completely dry, repeat the same procedure by applying a second coat of stain. Allow the floor to dry thoroughly before hosing down the area and mopping off any remaining residue.

Step 4

use a gloss finish water based sealer

Apply the Sealer

Use a gloss finish water-based sealer. Using either a roller or a pump-up garden sprayer, start in the corner and apply two light coats rather than one heavy one. Make sure there is ample drying time between the two coats. Once dry, apply the final coat of sealer.