Photo by: Walt Danley Realty, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Walt Danley Realty, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Step 1

The Basics of Outdoor Lighting 01:00

Check out these tips for creating an outdoor home lighting plan.

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Step 2

Gather Your Materials and Tools

exterior wall lights
exterior ceiling fixture
exterior table lamps
exterior floor lamps
weather-resistant lampshades
wireless dimmer w/ remote control
mounting screws
wire connectors
philips screwdriver
square-head screwdriver

Step 3

Choose Wall Lights and Ceiling Fixtures

Light your outdoor living space just like an indoor space.

Space wall lights along sides of house for even lighting. Choose traditional style single or double wall lanterns.

For security, hang double wall lanterns beside doors. For a more contemporary look, hang wall landscape lights flush with wall

Ceiling fixtures on a porch or overhang provide light to dine by. Choose a landscape chandelier with weather-resistant shades.

Pair hanging landscape lanterns over an outdoor dining table. Hang a pendant over an outdoor sitting area.

Pro Tip

Exterior wall sconces have a more formal look and come with weather-resistant shades.

Step 4

Choose Lamps and Lanterns

Furnish your outdoor seating areas with outdoor table and floor lamps with weather-resistant shades.

Candle lanterns provide ambient candlelight.

Light the way to your outdoor living space with a post lantern.

Step 5

Install a Dimmer Switch

For special ambiance, control all these lights with an easy-to-install wireless dimmer.

Turn off the power to the switch and place a DO NOT TURN ON sign on the breaker.

Remove faceplate from dimmer.

Strip insulation from dimmer wires and wires to which dimmer will be connected. Strip 1/2 inch from 10, 12, and 14 gauge wires; 5/8 inch from 16 and 18 gauge wires.

Using wire connector, connect green or bare ground wire on dimmer to green or bare copper ground wire in wall box. If a green or bare copper ground wire is not in wall box, call a licensed electrician.

Using wire connectors, connect 2 dimmer leads to 2 wall-box leads.

Push wires into switchbox.

Mount dimmer to switchbox with 2 screws in center mounting holes. Make sure dimmer is level.

Snap faceplate on, and turn the power back on.