Step 1

cut plywood into a circle

Cut the Plywood Into a Circle

Take off the sub-base of the router to determine how big the circular end of the jig should be. Cut the end of the piece of 36" x 14" x 1/4" plywood into a circle the same size as the router's sub-base.

Step 2

Drill Holes in the Circle

Drill holes into the circular end of the jig to correspond with the holes in the sub-base. Use the sub-base to guide the drilling.

Step 3

screw circular end of jig into router

Screw the Jig Into the Router Base

Screw the circular end of the jig into the router's base, aligning the circles on the sub-base with the holes drilled in the jig.

Step 4

drill small pivot holes into arm of jig

Drill Pivot Holes in the Arm of the Jig

Drill small pivot holes into the arm of the jig, spaced 1 inch apart.

Step 5

Cut a Circle

To use the jig to cut a circle, draw a line on the work piece from its center to the end of the desired radius of the circle. Center the router atop the end point of the radius. Drive a nail through the appropriate hole in the jig that corresponds with the center of the work piece (image 1). Set the router to the proper depth, and make a slow pass through the work piece, using the nail as a pivot point (image 2). Make deep cuts in several passes, lowering the router bit slightly after each pass.

Step 6

drill holes in wood block

Drill Holes in the Wood Block

The second jig for cutting curves and circles with a router can be made from scraps that are around the workshop. Like the jig described above, it's attached to the router's sub-base.

Drill holes the same size as the dowels into one long edge of the 12" x 1x4 wood block. The holes should be as far apart as the diameter of the router's base.

Step 7

sand tips of dowels

Sand the Dowels

Sand the tips of the dowels.

Step 8

apply wood glue to holes in wood block

Apply Wood Glue

Apply a little wood glue to the holes in the wood block. Place the dowels inside the holes, and allow the glue to dry.

Step 9

place dowels on router base sides

Lay the Dowels on the Sides of Router

Place the dowels through the holes on the sides of the router's base.

Step 10

Cut an Arch or Circle

To use the jig to cut an arch or a circle, nail the center of the block to the center of the desired circle (image 1). Slide the router to the appropriate spot on the dowels to correspond with the end point of the desired radius. Set the router bit to the appropriate depth. Slowly swing the router through the work piece, using the wood block as a pivot point (image 2). Repeat the process as necessary, slowly lowering the bit with each pass.