Step 1

cut frame for cabinet

Cut the Frame

The frame for the cabinet consists of 2x4s that are measured and marked at the determined length, then cut on a compound miter saw.

Step 2

Mark and Cut the Plywood

Mark the width of the side panels on 3/4" plywood and draw a line with a straight edge (Image 2).

Cut the plywood with a corded circular saw (Image 1). The thickness of the wood makes this too big of a job for the cordless saw.

The panels can then be cut to height on the miter saw.

Step 3

determine center point of cabinet on wall

Attach the End Studs

Determine the center point of the cabinet on the wall, then mark the end panel locations. Use a level to draw a straight line, then attach the end studs to the wall.

Step 4

Secure the Cabinet

Use toggle bolts for added support where there are no studs to secure the cabinet. Pre-drill a hole and slide in the bolt (Image 1). Tap it back with a hammer and tighten with a screw gun (Image 2).