Step 1

Remove Cabinet Door

Remove the cabinet door. The lifting mechanism will be in two pieces, one for the left side of the cabinet and one for the right.

Step 2


Measure and Mark Mixer Lift

With the lift arm extended, hold the right piece of the lifting mechanism up to the right side of the cabinet. Approximate the position you would like the mixer lift to be installed. Make sure the mounting bracket is level, and measure out its position in the cabinet. Using a pencil, mark out the holes in the mounting bracket.

Step 3


Attach Mounting Bracket

Drill pilot holes into the pencil marks. Put the mounting bracket back into position, and check to see that everything is level. Screw the mounting bracket into place.

Step 4

Attach Left Mechanism

Refer back to the mixer lift measurements, and position the left lift mechanism according to these measurements with both lift arms extended. Level out the left mounting bracket (Image 1). Span a level over both lift arms to make sure the shelf will be level (Image 2). Mark out the holes in the left mounting bracket, drill pilot holes and screw the left lift mechanism into place.

Step 5


Attach Shelf

Place the shelf on top of the two extended lift arms. Mark out the screw holes on the bottom of the shelf. Drill pilot holes into each of the markings on the shelf. Situate the shelf on top of the extended lift arms and screw it into place.