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Halloween Decorations: Funny Tombstone Names and Epitaphs

12 Photos

Give trick-or-treaters a thrill and a giggle by turning your yard into a funny cemetery.

Kids' Halloween Costume: How to Make Bird Wings

12 Photos

Every child wants to fly — and now you can help them. These bird wings are fun and easy to make, and are the perfect beginning for a fabulous Halloween costume.

7 Fun and Spooky Front Yard Decorating Ideas for Halloween

14 Photos

Transform your front yard into the spookiest spot on the block this Halloween with these easy decorating ideas.

Tips for Creating Space in a Small Kitchen

5 Photos

Form must follow function closely in small kitchen design. Here's how to make a small kitchen appear larger and function more effectively.

Bath Crashers: Go Behind the Scenes at Blog Cabin 2014

25 Photos

A lot goes into the production of Blog Cabin's 2014 renovation. Go behind the scenes on the Bath Crashers set for an inside look!

How to Make Your Backyard More Fun

17 Videos

Make your yard more enjoyable for the kids and adults by adding activities like a bocce court, giant Scrabble board, jungle gym, fire pit and more.

8 Incredible Deck Remodels From <i>Mega Decks</i>

24 Photos

Tour some innovative, high-end designs created by the Colorado outdoor-living specialists from the hit TV show <i> Mega Decks</i>.

Run My Renovation: An Unfinished Attic Becomes a Master Bedroom

4 Photos

We asked DIY Network fans to vote on how we should renovate an unfinished attic. Take a look at the stunning results.

The Latest on Made + Remade

Closet Boot Camp: A Pantry Perfected

Made + Remade Sep 30, 2015 by Laurie March

I’m back to share the results of my first Closet Boot Camp. I gave a sad storage space some beautiful basic training and it is now a proficient, hardworking pantry. And the key to my success? Personalizing. If the pantry above looks like a little splash of heaven to you, then wine glass and wine [...]

Trick-or-Treat! 20 Halloween Safety Tips

Made + Remade Sep 28, 2015 by Mick Telkamp

Dressing up in a costume and getting together with friends to collect free candy from the neighbors? What’s not to love? The tradition has been around in some form since the Middle Ages, but they had nothing on the efficient machine that is modern trick-or-treating. Thankfully more treat than trick these days, costumes range from [...]

7 Spooky Halloween Decorations From Reclaimed Wood

Made + Remade Sep 25, 2015 by Made + Remade Crew

Got any scrap wood, extra shipping pallets, or retired pieces of furniture? You can turn them into a spook-tacular Halloween setup for your home and garden! Take a look at these wonderfully creative decoration ideas from crafty Hometalker bloggers, and enjoy repurposing and thrilling your neighbors and guests at the same time. &nbsp; 1. Frightened [...]

A Special Recipe For Halloween Macaroni + Cheese!

Made + Remade Sep 24, 2015 by Emily Fazio

Looking for Halloween-themed recipes to make the season more fun for your kids? Here’s one that my family loved: Black and Orange Macaroni + Cheese! Using food coloring while cooking pasta is an easy way mix new appeal into an otherwise classic dish. And of course, if your kids love pasta for any other occasion [...]

7 Ways to Prep Your Gas Lawn Mower for Winter

Made + Remade Sep 21, 2015 by Mick Telkamp

I admit it. I love to mow the lawn. While I know a lot of folks dread lawn maintenance, I like a walk in the sunshine with purpose, a chance to catch up on my favorite podcasts and the instant gratification that comes from a freshly shorn lawn. Struggling to get the mower to start [...]

Capture The End Of Summer With 9 Beachy Decor Projects

Made + Remade Sep 14, 2015 by Emily Fazio

Whether you’re looking to&nbsp;bring coastal inspired design into your home&nbsp;or just clinging to the last bits of your summertime vacations, it’s easy to bring memories from your summer spent at the beach into the home. Get creative with everything from sand, to driftwood, to shells and beach glass, and make beautiful things to commemorate your [...]

Fall Curb Appeal At Its Finest

Made + Remade Sep 11, 2015 by Emily Fazio

I woke up this morning to a&nbsp;chilly 50-degrees – I can’t complain about it, it’s the first morning in weeks that I’ve put on long pants and craved warm coffee. There’s a tree across the street that took this as a cue to switch from green to bright red, and I’ll take it as my [...]

Fabulous Furniture Makeovers (+ Dozens Of Tips!)

Made + Remade Sep 9, 2015 by Emily Fazio

If you like garage sales and scouring salvage stores as much as I do, you might have a similar affinity for refinishing damaged furniture. I love the hunt, the thrill of the find, and the adventure you take to make it your own, to make a piece of found furniture perfect for your home. Over [...]

Closet Boot Camp: Pantry Problems

Made + Remade Sep 8, 2015 by Laurie March

I think it’s safe to say, this is one pretty pantry: And while many of us are working with a little less storage space at home, there are still some good lessons to be learned from the beauty above. We can all agree that clothes look better when you have them tailored, right? Well I’m [...]

Making Good: Swapping the Veggies for Art In Your CSA

Made + Remade Sep 4, 2015 by Lish Dorset

When you hear the acronym “CSA,” chances are the first thing you think of is community supported agriculture. But in more than 50 cities this past summer, CSA meant something else. For these communities, the agriculture in CSA was replaced with art. In 2010, Springboard for the Arts began connecting residents and artists in their [...]