Step 1


Measure and Mark Perimeter

Use a tape measure to measure, mark and level the whole perimeter of the soffit.

Step 2


Measure 2x4s

Measure the first pieces of 2x4s to cut for the bottom ledger.

Step 3


Cut 2x4s

Transfer measurements to the 2x4s and make the appropriate cuts using a chop saw or circular saw.

Step 4


Install 2x4s

Install the 2x4s to the existing studs under the drywall using 2-1/2" wood screws and a screw gun. Attach them completely around the perimeter.

Step 5


Attach Parallel Supports

Measure, cut and attach the parallel supports to the walls by toe nailing them into the existing studs.

Step 6


Attach Cross Bracing

Measure, cut and attach the cross bracing to keep the frame firmly attached.

Step 7

Attach Top Plate

Measure and mark the top plate area. Lay the level perpendicular to the existing frame to determine where to attach the top plate.

Step 8


Cut Pieces for Uprights

Measure and cut the pieces for the uprights, which will keep the whole frame together.

Step 9


Attach Drywall Pieces

Once the whole frame is finished, measure and cut the drywall pieces and attach them with 2" drywall screws.

Step 10


Install Corner Bead

Install the corner bead, which will make the seams tighter and protect the corners of the soffit.

Step 11


Spackle and Paint Drywall

Spackle and sand your drywall, and then paint with your desired color.