All About Embossed Wallpaper

When applying a raised design wall treatment, there are unique factors to consider. Learn all about it here.

Types of Raised Design Treatments

lincrusta embossed wallpaper has authentic look

lincrusta embossed wallpaper has authentic look

Lincrusta® is expensive and can be difficult to hang, but its authentic look makes it the choice of purists.

Lincrusta®, Anaglypta® and embossed wallpaper all have raised design surfaces. Lincrusta, made of linoleum, is the most authentic-looking. Anaglypta is a heavy embossed paper that is more affordable and easier to work with. Regular embossed wallpaper is standard-weight wallpaper with a slightly raised design surface.

Special Adhesive



This thick clay-based adhesive is made specifically for embossed or raised design wallpaper.

Clay-based wallpaper paste is necessary for applying raised or embossed wall treatments -- regular wallpaper adhesive is too thin and would turn embossed wallpaper to mush.


painting embossed wallpaper with glaze

painting embossed wallpaper with glaze

Heavy embossed wallpaper can be finished beautifully with paint or glaze.

This warm honey-colored latex paint makes a beautiful one-color finish. Painted wallpaper can be left as-is or finished with an antique glazing medium.


applying glaze accentuates intricate patterning

applying glaze accentuates intricate patterning

Applying glaze in the recessed areas of the paper beautifully accentuates the intricate patterning.

You can apply glaze with a paint roller and immediately wipe off the excess with a clean rag, leaving glaze in the recessed areas.

"Picking Out"

picking out illuminates embossed design subtly

picking out illuminates embossed design subtly

This glazing technique takes longer than wiped glazed and gives a softer look to the finish.

Another glazing technique called "picking out" illuminates the embossed design in a more subtle way. To create this finish, dip the end of a paintbrush into a glazing medium and dab off almost all of the glaze onto a paper towel. Then brush the glaze lightly on the surface so that only a small amount of glaze collects in the crevices of the design.

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