Step 1

install a closet organizer

Install a Closet Organizer

With the help from a closet organization professional, install a closet organizer.

Step 2

drill holes in platform

Drill Holes in the Platform

On top of the organizational system, a 4 X 4 plywood platform loft is installed. Cut the 1 X 3 pieces of wood to size and make countersink holes where they will be screwed together.

Step 3

Secure the Pieces

Lay the pieces out and secure them with 1-5/8 inch screws (image 1). Once the cleat box is finished, add the plywood to create the base (image 2).

Step 4

screw platform directly into studs

Secure the Platform

Make pilot holes in the platform. Screw the platform directly into the studs with a right angle impact driver and long extension bit.

Step 5

attach melamine for finished look

Attach the Melamine

Cover the face with 1/4" melamine for a nice finished look.

Step 6

Add the Safety Rail and Ladder

Attach a safety rail (image 1), and add a ladder to access the top (image 2).