Worst Kitchen in America: Crime Scene Kitchen

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The Dubrays' "Crime Scene Kitchen"

Some might say that the Dubray family's kitchen is criminally dysfunctional — and maybe a little dangerous. This "Worst Kitchen" contender has cabinets covered in wood paneling that is, in fact, exterior house siding. Watch the Dubray family's submission video.

A Possible Remedy for the Dubrays' "Crime Scene Kitchen"

Alison Victoria, host of DIY's Kitchen Crashers, suggests: "Eliminate all of the accessories above the cabinets to bring the eye up and make the ceilings appear higher."

The Dubrays' "Crime Scene Kitchen"

The stovetop has only one setting — high — which makes cooking a challenge. The vented hood is entirely non-functional. The windows don't open. They do, however, leak. The antiquated laminate countertops have been painted to give the (somewhat unconvincing) appearance of granite.

The Dubrays' "Crime Scene Kitchen"

The kitchen door is poorly insulated and mounted so low on its hinges that it drags across the carpeting that's been installed on the kitchen floor.

The Dubrays' "Crime Scene Kitchen"

Insufficient cabinet space has led to a hodgepodge of free-hanging pots and pans. Aging cabinet doors hang unevenly, and the wood surfaces are rough and unattractive. More than one family member has gotten a nasty splinter just opening and closing cabinet doors.

The Dubrays' "Crime Scene Kitchen"

Kitchen drawers are likewise covered in exterior paneling and are constructed from rough exterior-grade lumber that's simply been nailed together. The drawers, which are falling apart in places, are heavy and have no slide hardware, making them difficult to open and close.

The Dubrays' "Crime Scene Kitchen"

New wall treatments, as well as an electrical upgrade, would seem to be in order.

Dan and Elaine Dubray

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