Learn About the Kitchen Work Triangle

Whether it's children underfoot or simply getting dinner on the table, things are always on the go in the kitchen. With all this activity, it's possible for the hub of the home to function smoothly. It all boils down to connecting the dots of the three major workstations: the cleaning area with the dishwasher and sink, the cooking area with the cooktop, stove and oven, and the cold storage with the refrigerator and freezer.

These three areas, when located properly, create the essential work triangle in any kitchen. More trips are made within the work triangle than anywhere else in the kitchen.

Step 1

make the most of kitchen work triangle by planning

Determine the Dimensions

To make the most of your triangle, separate your work stations with the least amount of steps, but with the proper amount of work space. That means the distance between any two appliances should be no less than 3 feet and no more than 7 feet. Total sides of the kitchen work triangle measure no less than 12 feet.

Step 2

create a kitchen triangle when setting up kitchen

Consider a Galley Layout

In a galley kitchen layout, food is taken from the refrigerator, prepared by the sink and then moved to the range or microwave area for cooking. The aisle in a galley kitchen should measure no less than 4 feet and no more than 6 feet. The dining area is typically located at one end, which helps contain activity at meal time.

Step 3

the L shaped kitchen is the most efficient design

Get the Most Efficient Design

The most efficient design is the L-shaped kitchen. This is where two adjacent walls form a natural triangle. This layout offers flexibility in arrangement of kitchen space. If space permits, consider adding an island. This will minimize the work triangle, help define traffic patterns and create a gathering spot.

If you're limited on space, use a small rolling cart or install a peninsula for an extra work area. If space permits, think about placing a sink and dishwasher or cooktop on the side of the island closest to the work core. The other side can be used to create an eat-up bar.