Write On

This simple and inexpensive project is perfect for renters and homeowners alike. Use your message center backsplash to write down recipes and shopping lists, or to let the kids have at it and create artwork for every season. 

Step 1


Make a Template

Create a template of the backsplash using brown kraft paper, a marker and a tape measure. Make sure to capture the exact size of the backsplash. Use scissors or a utility knife to cut the paper so that the outside edge will be the edge for the Plexiglas. Lay the paper template onto the Plexiglas and tape it down with painter's tape. (Do not remove the plastic coating from the Plexiglas — you don't want to damage or scratch it.) Use a marker and a framing square to carefully outline the template, including electrical boxes.

Step 2


Create a Clear Outline on Plexiglas

Remove the paper template and go over the lines again with a marker and framing square to ensure straight lines and proper measurements.

Step 3


Score and Snap Plexiglas

Use a Plexiglas scoring knife and a drywall square as a guide to score the Plexiglas along the marked lines. You will need to score it deeply and then turn it over and do it on the other side.
When you have scored both sides, place the scored line along the edge of a table (not a round-edge table) and gently wiggly back and forth until the Plexiglas snaps. Do not force it; if it does not easily break, you will need to score it some more. Another option is to use a jigsaw to cut the Plexiglas.

Step 4


Cut Out Extra Shapes

Double check the measurements for the electrical outlets or anything else within the center of the Plexiglas.  Mark the cut-outs then drill the corners of the shape, then use a jigsaw or a scoring knife to cut out the shape. 

Step 5


Paint the Wall

Before attaching the Plexiglas, paint the backsplash; we painted ours black. Two coats may be necessary. Let it dry completely.

Step 6


Adhere the Plexiglas

Remove the plastic wrap from both sides of the Plexiglas. Place the Plexiglas onto the backsplash and apply clear adhesive caulk along the edges to keep it in place.

Step 7


Photo By: Susan Teare ©Susan Teare Photography

Susan Teare, Susan Teare Photography

Get Creative

Use a chalk marker or painter's marker to have fun drawing and writing on your new backsplash.