Step 1


Secure Hood to Wall

Secure the hood to the wall using a screw gun.

Step 2


Measure Height and Width of Hood

Measure both the height and width of the face of the hood. Transfer those measurements onto a sheet of wire mesh.

Step 3

Attach Wire Mesh

Using tin snips, cut out the desired area, and staple the trimmed wire mesh to the hood (Images 1 and 2). With a hammer, flatten the excess mesh down to the sides of the hood (Image 3). Repeat the process until the entire hood is covered with wire mesh.

Step 4


Protect Hood

Protect the areas of the hood that aren't receiving the stucco treatment with cardboard and painter's tape to ensure a clean finish.

Step 5


Mix Base Coat

With the prep work finished, it is time to take the project outside. Pour the base coat into a large pan or tub. Add water and mix with a trowel until you reach a consistency that closely resembles peanut butter.

Step 6


Spread Base Coat

Use the trowel to graciously spread the base coat over the wire mesh until the hood is completely covered.

Step 7


Make Grooves in Base Coat

With a scratch rake, make grooves in the base coat. These channels will allow the finish coat to lock itself into the base coat, ensuring a more solidified finish. Wait at least two hours until it dries completely.

Step 8


Mix Finish Coat

As you did with the base coat, pour the finish coat into a large tray, add water and churn with a trowel until you reach a peanut butter-like consistency.

Step 9


Add Liquid Coloring Agent

In order to reach a more desirable color, purchase a liquid coloring agent specifically designed for concrete and stucco. Add it to the mix intermittently until you reach a preferred shade.

Step 10


Spread Finish Coat

Spread the finish coat with a trowel. The finished texture is contingent to personal preference. For a flatter surface, spread the coat on evenly.

Step 11


Wipe Away Excess

Wait until the finish coat is dry, then wipe away the excess with a dry sponge. It should crumble off quite easily. Remove the tape and cardboard.