Step 1

Remove Wire Shelving

Lift out wire shelving and gently pry out the hardware from the wall using a screwdriver or utility blade (Images 1 and 2). This will leave holes, but the new shelving will cover them.

Step 2

Install Ledge

Measure the depth and width of the space for the 1x2 ledge dimensions (Image 1). Measure, mark and cut the primed 1x2. Next, drill pilot holes in the 1x2 boards, using a larger bit to prep them for countersinking the screws (Image 2). Make sure each ledge is level on the wall, and install into the studs using 2 ½" wood or drywall screws (Image 3).  

Step 3

Cut and Paint Shelves

Have your local home improvement cut the shelves for you. Customize the shelves using a jigsaw. We created a U-shape configuration, which allowed for shallow storage along each side of the pantry and gave it an overall custom look (Image 1). Apply an interior semi-gloss paint on both sides of each shelf, and allow to dry (Image 2). 

Pro Tip

Allow for at least a 5-inch depth on shelves to store canned goods.

Step 4

Pantry Update

Pantry Update

Photo by: Tomas Espinoza

Tomas Espinoza

Install Shelves

Slide each shelf onto its 1x2 ledge. Once all shelves are in place, secure them to the ledges with nails or wood screws.

Step 5

Pantry Update

Pantry Update

Photo by: Tomas Espinoza

Tomas Espinoza

Install Fascia Trim

Measure the exposed front edges of the shelves, and cut a 1-1/2" lattice strip to the desired length for each shelf. Secure strips to these edges using a nail gun.

Step 6

Touch Up With Paint

Fill any nail holes with painter's putty or wood filler, then touch up with paint as needed. Let paint dry a full 24 hours before placing anything on the shelves.