How to Repair Small Chips

You can repair small chips on the work surface of a laminate countertop with laminate-repair paste. It's available in a variety of colors, or you can mix it to match the color of your countertop.

Step 1

How to Cover Small Scratches

You can temporarily cover small scratches with countertop polish. Reapply every two months or so.

Step 2

How to Repair Peeling Laminate

If the laminate has begun peeling up, you can fix it with contact cement. Simply apply the contact cement to both surfaces, and press the laminate back into place.

Step 3

How to Repair a Damaged Laminated Edge

If the laminate edge is damaged beyond repair, remove it with a putty knife. A heat gun or iron will help speed the process by softening the glue. After you remove the laminate material, sand the exposed countertop surface. Next, spread an adhesive sealant over the surface, and apply the new edge laminate.

If you want to apply a more durable edge, use a piece of stained wood molding. Use tape to hold the new edge material in place until it has cured thoroughly.