A touch of black and white lends an air of sophistication in this adorable cottage kitchen. To continue the look on the backsplash, white beadboard is cut to size then vintage-style prints are adhered to the beadboard. Then the beadboard is fastened to the backsplash area.

Step 1


Measure and Create Template

Create a template of the backsplash using brown kraft paper, a marker and a tape measure. Make sure to capture the exact size of the backsplash. Use scissors or a utility knife to cut the paper so that the outside edge will be the edge of the beadboard.

Step 2


Transfer Measurements to Beadboard

Lay the template onto the beadboard and tape it in place using painter's tape. Use a pencil or marker to carefully outline the template including electrical boxes. Use a framing square to keep the lines straight. Lay painter's tape on the inside of the pencil lines. This will help you cut a straight line and have less breakage when cutting the beadboard.

Step 3


Cut the Beadboard

Place the beadboard on sawhorses or at the edge of a worktable then use a jigsaw to cut along the lines.

Step 4


Paint Beadboard

Use a roller to paint the beadboard. Allow it to dry completely.

Step 5


Cut the Prints

Print the images on the vellum paper. Cut around the design as close as you can.

Step 6


Apply Decoupage Glue

Lay out the design onto the beadboard and center each print on their respective sides.  Use decoupage glue to adhere the prints in place. Apply the glue on both sides of the print.  Make sure to brush from the inside out to get out all the air bubbles and so all the edges lay flat.

Step 7


Apply Sealer

When the prints are dry, double-check all the edges to make sure they are secure. If they aren't, apply a little more glue.  If they are secure, spray the prints with a polyurethane sealer or apply a coat of shellac.  Let dry completely then apply a second coat.

Step 8


Fasten Beadboard to Wall

Place the beadboard on the backsplash. Use white caulking adhesive around the edges to attach the board to the wall.  Let dry.  Put the outlet covers back in place.

Step 9


Dig In

The backsplash is a great project for renters because the beadboard can easily be pulled off the wall when it's time to move.