Step 1

attach corner supports underneath counters

Prep the Area

First, be sure to bring the pieces inside a few days before installation to acclimate to your home's humidity. Next, attach corner supports underneath the counters to properly support the butcher-block countertop.

Step 2

Fasten the Pieces Together

Slide the butcher block onto sawhorses for easier access. Fasten the butcher-block pieces together by drilling miter buckle (Image 1) holes in the bottom of each butcher block.

Place the biscuit (Image 2) into the center of the counter to keep the sections level.

Step 3

Install the Countertop

Set the countertop in place. Insert the miter buckles into the pre-drilled holes.

Tighten the miter buckles underneath the counter. Do not screw the corner supports to the butcher block until after the sink is installed.

Step 4

drill holes with forstner bit

Install the Faucet

Take out the sink. Determine the center of the sink cutout, and measure back slightly to determine where the faucet and well-water holes go.

Drill the main faucet hole, handle holes and hole for the well-water faucet, using a drill and forstner bit.

Step 5

run bead of silicone under edges to seal sink

Install the Sink

Replace the sink and lift it up. Run a bead of silicone under the edges to seal the sink in position. Attach the corner support to the butcher block to secure it in place.