Home Theater Hangout

Carter Oosterhouse transforms a messy basement into a combination home theater and game room.


Heather and Josh want to turn their basement into a TV room.

Before: Wasted Space

Heather and Josh Huntington purchased a 1920s Craftsman-style home just two months ago. In that short amount of time, the couple has completely remodeled the kitchen and repainted the entire upstairs. The only thing they have left to do is the basement, but they’ve run out of steam and ideas.
She is a film critic and needs to watch movies for her job, so it would be great if she had a space dedicated to her work.

After: Pass the Popcorn

A six-inch platform is built to create dual-level theater seating. The platform and floor are completely covered in eco-friendly carpet tiles. Both levels are lined with lightweight chairs that are comfy and can easily be rearranged in any configuration. Carter and his crew paint the walls then add fabric-covered panels for better acoustics. Columns sit between the panels to hold new wall sconces. Plywood is used to build a two-channel soffit on the ceiling. One channel will hold the home theater wires while the other will house rope lighting. Finally, the latest in high-tech media equipment is installed to give the homeowners a true home theater experience.
Check out how the fabric panels are constructed.



Heather and Josh's basement has been transformed into a combination home theater and game room.

Product information for items used in this makeover:

wood with formaldehyde-free adhesive: PureBond - Columbia Forest Products
audio/visual equipment: Custom Theater Xperience
carpet tiles: Flor - Thick & Thin Cocoa Chocolate 1370702500, Solid Ground Teal 1370702500
chairs: Rezon8 Living - Microfiber Choco
curtain fabric: Joann - Signature small pintuck taffeta CIC J 8587560
panel fabric: Joann - Tabacco Alova suede CIS J 7319098 and Connemara Garnet CIW J 648944
card game tabletop: Big 5 Sporting Goods - Halex Vegas Card 3015476
stencil for columns: Stencil Planet - 10675
coffee table: Ikea - Lack
sconces: Ikea - Kryssbo
paint: Behr 250F-7 Melted Chocolate

Before: Bubble-Gum Pink

But, their living room is too small for entertaining, so they want to turn this junk-filled, overly pink basement a cool hangout space.



The homeowners love to have their friends over on the weekends to watch movies and play cards.

After: Poker Night

Built from medium-density fiberboard (MDF), the valance was painted black and stencils were used to create the white design.

When the movie is over, the fold-away game table is pulled out, the chairs are gathered around and the cards are dealt. Because this basement is tight on space, Carter incorporates items that can be easily stored away. The store-bought, felt tabletop folds down small enough to be kept in a closet and the table folds in half so it can be pushed up against the wall.



When it comes to movie time, the red curtains close to cover the bar area. Then with the touch of a button, the 97-inch screen lowers down from inside the valance.

Green Solution: Carpet Tiles

They’re stain-repellent and are made from 80 percent post-consumer recycled poly-fiber. The surface won’t trap dirt like traditional carpets, thereby reducing allergens in the air. But when the squares do become dirty, it’s simple to replace them.



Eco-friendly carpet tiles are a quick and easy way to give floors a new look.

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