10 Things You Must Know About Home Theaters

Use these tips to make the most of your home theater.



Putting an outlet behind the television is beneficial; for safety reasons, you wouldn't want to put the electrical wires within the wall.



The darker the room, the better the picture. Direct light onto the projector can cause the picture to appear washed out. While screening, use drapes to darken the room and give you a better viewing experience.

Breathing Room


Electronics produce heat, and if they get too hot, bad things can happen. Give them breathing space between one another, and don't lock them up in an unventilated cabinet.



When you pick up the remote, you don't want to have to fumble through different buttons and settings. Universal remotes have the ability to control the TV, DVD player and cable box all through one remote.



Cable quality is very important: a better-quality cable will give you better-quality picture and sound. If you're playing at high volumes, good audio wiring will provide less distortion. Thicker cable wires will mean less interference from electrical wires in the walls.



There are many available options when you're choosing a speaker system. The size of the room will tell you the number of speakers that you will need. It's important to get the right speakers to handle the depth of the bass or the lower frequencies of movies.



The receiver up-converts the video from all the components attached to the TV. Instead of having to switch the set and the receiver to match picture with sound, you can simply switch the receiver and it will act as the switcher.

Easy Viewing


Placing the TV in a corner will make it difficult to balance the speakers. Be creative with the sound design and speaker placement; use anything from wall and floor speakers to get optimal sound.



Putting up soundproofing panels will help deaden the echo in the room, especially in a basement screening room. If you have concrete walls, you're going to get a lot of reverb; soundproof panels will eliminate this problem.

Square Setup


Speakers should be set up equally around the room; that's why a square space is perfect for screening. A square room gives everyone choice seating and good balanced sound.

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