Spring is the time to start your cleaning. If your shed looks anything like mine, it should be the first place to start!

My shed is full of tools, and they each need a space so that they are easy to find when I need them. Which just a few supplies, you can re-create this storage idea for your own shed.

Step 1

Nail Pallet to Shed

I located a pallet leftover from a previous job, and I used my IsoCore™ 22 oz Framing hammer to drive in some 3 inch framing nails, which will hold the pallet in place. The hammer is designed to pound in large nails with power and speed, while the patented IsoCore shock control system absorbs the shock and vibration that would normally be transferred to your body.

Step 2

Install Shelf

Now that the pallet is in place, I cut a 2" X 10" piece of wood to make a shelf and nail that next to the pallet. This shelf can be used to store pruning and trimming tools, or garden shears.

Step 3

Nail Second Shelf

Nail a simple piece of 1" X 1" wood to the pallet, underneath the shelf. This will hold additional tools, like axes and sledge hammers, in place, so make sure to hang at a height that works with your tool length.

Step 4

Load It Up

Now that my new shed organizer is built, it is time to load it up with all of my tools. Each of my tools now has its’ own place. My framing hammer has a special home right in front until the next time it’s needed!