How to Remove Pet Stains from Carpeting

Over sixty percent of American families have at least one pet residing in the home. Host Josh Temple herds a flock of sheep into the Disaster House to simulate a year’s worth of pet stains on a new carpet.


Wide view of Josh Temple with several sheep in the room with him on this Disaster House episode. Sheep create havoc in the living room in this show.

Blot and Dry Vac

Remove the liquid and solid waste as much as possible with a dry-vac or broom.

Inspect the Padding

One of the biggest mistakes in repairing a heavily soiled carpet is to address only the carpet. Pet urine can penetrate through the carpet and soak the padding below. Steam cleaning the carpet will not penetrate to the padding and the odor will return in a few days.

Pull up the carpet and inspect the padding. Cut out the soiled section, it is no longer usable. Apply a heavy coat of outdoor deodorizer and sanitizer to the subfloor. If the subfloor is fully saturated, apply an odor-barrier sealant. (All of these can be purchased at a hardware store.) After removing the damaged padding, tape a sheet of plastic over the subfloor. This will protect the floor from water damage and odor when you lay the carpet back down.

Clean the Carpet

Lay the carpet back down. Wash the damaged area of carpet with a combination of odor and stain remover. You may also use a steam cleaner. Let the solution sit and soak into the carpet fibers for 30 minutes. Then dry-vac or use a clean white rag to blot up the remaining solution. Once the carpet is fully dry, cut a new piece of padding and staple it into place then reattach the carpet. A carpet tucker may be needed to push the carpet back under the baseboard. These can be purchased for about $10 at a hardware store.

More Tips

If your carpet is heavily stained it may be easier and more cost efficient to replace the entire carpet. Installing a new carpet can be somewhat difficult if you have to deal with seams. All carpet roles are cut in 12-foot-wide sections. If your room is 12-feet wide or less you won’t have to worry about seams and the install will be much easier. For a truly professional looking install, you must use a carpet stretcher. These can be rented for about $40 a day.

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