Step 1

scrap piece of flooring used to repair damage

Use a Scrap Piece of Flooring

Don't replace a vinyl floor just because it's sustained some damage. Use a scrap piece of the flooring material and install a patch that's practically undetectable.

Step 2

scrap vinyl used to repair damaged flooring

Cut the Vinyl Piece

Cut a piece of scrap vinyl that matches the pattern around the damaged vinyl. The piece should be about 4" longer and wider than the pattern around the damaged area.

Step 3

Tape the Scrap Vinyl

Match the pattern of the scrap vinyl to the vinyl on the floor, and tape it down with duct tape. Make sure the tape holds the piece securely, but don't cover the pattern around the damaged area.

Step 4

Cut Along the Lines of the Pattern

Using a straightedge and a sharp utility knife, cut along the lines of the pattern. Hold the utility knife straight up and down, and cut along the break of the line rather than the center of the pattern line. First, score the vinyl, and press firmly so the blade goes through the patch and the floor vinyl. It will probably take a few passes to cut through the vinyl.

Step 5

remove damaged vinyl square away from adhesive

Take Out the Damaged Vinyl

After cutting out the pattern, remove the tape and take out the damaged vinyl. Use a putty knife to break the vinyl away from the adhesive.

Step 6

clean off old adhesive and dry fit patch

Dry-Fit the Vinyl Patch

Clean off the old adhesive and dry-fit the patch. Use the utility knife to trim the patch where necessary and bevel the bottom edges. Beveled edges will help the patch sit properly.

Step 7

apply even coat of vinyl floor adhesive to floor

Apply the Vinyl Floor Adhesive

Use the putty knife to apply an even coat of vinyl floor adhesive to the floor.

Step 8

Put the Vinyl Patch Into Place

Press the patch into place. Clean the seams with a damp rag, and lay a heavy object on the patch for the recommended drying time of the adhesive.

Step 9

Mix a Vinyl Seam Sealer

After the adhesive has dried, clean the seam of the patch, and mix a vinyl seam sealer. The sealer will melt the seam together so that it blends in with the rest of the floor.