Step 1

mark cut lines on plywood using T square

Mark the Cut Lines

Use a T-square to mark the cut lines on the plywood.

Step 2

cut plywood to size with circular saw

Cut the Plywood

Cut the plywood to size, running the circular saw across the width of the board.

Step 3

mark floor joist locations on wall

Mark the Joist Locations

Using the original sub-floor nails as a guide, mark the floor joist locations on the wall to know where to insert the screws.

Step 4

lay plywood in place on floor

Lay the Plywood

Lay the plywood in place on the floor.

Step 5

drive deck screws every 8 inches along chalk line

Insert the Deck Screws

Run a chalk line off the floor joist to mark the wall. Then, drive deck screws every 8 inches along the line.

Step 6

Attach the Cement Board

Bring in the cement board and lay it down on the plywood (Image 1). Screw the cement board into the plywood about every 6 inches (Image 2).