Step 1

install first tile in corner of room

Install the First Tile

Using a chalk line as a guide, install the first tile in the corner of the room and then work outward in both directions.

Step 2

use plastic connector pins to attach squares

Insert the Pins

Use the plastic connector pins to attach the squares together. When the first square is in place, insert three pins halfway into the pre-drilled holes.

Step 3

install remaining tiles

Install the Remaining Tiles

Install the next tile by pushing the remaining half of the connector pin into the receiving hole of the second square. Continue to insert pins into the receiving holes and push the next tile into place as tightly as possible.

Step 4

Close any Gaps

Use a rubber mallet to hit the tile at an angle. This will close any gaps. Any tile can be attached to any adjacent tile.

Step 5

Trim the Tiles

Against the casing, trim the extra rubber away with a jamb saw (Image 1). Use a framing square (Image 2) to cut straight right angles for areas where a full tile won't fit.