Step 1

install carpet pad

Install Carpet Pad

Cut the non-slip carpet pad to widths two inches less than the width of the carpet runner and one inch less than the depth of the tread. Center the pad on each step and staple it in place.

Step 2

staple first riser

Staple the First Riser

Staple the bottom of the runner to the bottom of the first riser and also under the lip of the tread.

Step 3

stretch the carpet

Stretch the Carpet

Use a carpet knee kicker to stretch the carpet to the corner between the tread and riser of the next step and staple it in place. Make sure the carpet is taut. Continue up the stairs until done.

Step 4

Push Carpet Into the Corner

At the corner of each tread and riser, use a carpet stair tool with a hammer to push the carpet into the corner.

Step 5

install brass stays to anchor carpet runner

Install the Stays

Use a drill and screwdriver to install the brass stays to anchor the carpet runner in place.