Step 1


Heat the Vinyl Tile Floor

Cover the tile with aluminum foil. Then warm it with an iron on medium heat. This will make the tile flexible and soften the adhesive.

Step 2


Apply the Adhesive

Peel back more of the tile so you can apply sufficient adhesive. Gently lift the tile and spread a thin layer of adhesive on the floor. Don't overdo it -- too much adhesive can cause the tile to ripple.

Step 3


Press the Tile Back Down

Press the tile back into place and using the rolling pin, roll towards the edge to force out any excess adhesive. Wipe up any stray adhesive using a wet cloth.

Step 4


Secure the Tile in Place

Cover the repair with wax paper and heavy books. The weight of the books will hold the tile down until the adhesive dries. Leave the books on the tile for at least eight hours or until the glue dries. After it's dry, take the seam sealer and run a thin bead along the seams. That will keep dirt out for good.