Step 1

sandpaper wraps around drum of floor sander

Remove the Finish

A floor drum sander is a heavy tool and moving it around can be tough. Its weight actually helps it do the job.

A sheet of sandpaper wraps around the sanding drum and clamps into place. Use open grit to remove the finish. Then change to a medium and fine grit paper through the sanding process.

Step 2

wheels allow sander to be moved easily

Do Not Put the Sander Down

The wheels on the sander allow the sander to be moved around without dragging the sandpaper. Be sure to not set the sander down while the drum is moving, or it will cause an indentation known as a furrow.

Step 3

Empty the Dust Bag

As with any sanding project, there will be dust. This drum sander has its own dust bag, which can be emptied once it’s full.

Pro Tip

Always wear a dust mask when sanding.

Step 4

lower drum to floor and roll backwards to sand

Lower Drum to the Floor

Slowly lower the drum to the floor, and roll backwards to sand.

Step 5

Put Sander Back on its Wheels

Lift the sander back on its wheels to move forward and to make another pass.

Step 6

Use Short, Simple Passes

Use short and simple passes without letting the sander bounce too much.