Measure the Window

Make accurate measurements before purchasing your shutters. Measure across the top, bottom and middle of window. Go by the largest measurement of the three. Then, measure from the top molding of the window to the top of the windowsill.

Step 1

measure before purchasing shutters

Install the Mounts

Before installing, decide on an inside mount (which will attach inside the window casing); or and outside mount (attaching outside the window casing). Add wood shim on top of the windowsill to support the shutter during installation and ensure proper placement. Hold shutters in position and use screw to mark holes. Set shutters aside. While wearing safety glasses, drill pilot hole using drill bit slightly smaller than screw size.

Step 2

use drill to drive screws and secure shutters

Attach the Shutters To the Mounts

Re-position shutters and use drill to drive screws and secure the shutters. After adding the first set of shutters, step back and look carefully to make sure everything is even and plumb (many windows are not, which could throw the shutters off).

Step 3

add decorative knobs to shutters

Add the Finishing Touches

After all screws are secured, add screw covers. Use a towel to protect the screw cover and surrounding area while tapping the cover lightly into place with a hammer. Add decorative knobs to shutters.