Step 1

DIY Plantation Shutters

DIY Plantation Shutters

Measure Your Window

Measure the width and height of the window to determine what size shutters are needed.

Step 2

Use Filter Strips to Determine Layout

A bunch of 1/8” filler strips are usually included with the shutters to adjust the width if necessary. They also serve as a great template to use for layout.

Hold up one of the filler strips to the front edge of the window frame, level and mark the screw holes with a pencil. Pre-drill the holes using a 1/4” bit.

Step 3

DIY Plantation Shutters

DIY Plantation Shutters

Measure Shutters

Place the shutters together and measure the overall width.

Step 4

DIY Plantation Shutters

DIY Plantation Shutters

Attach Filler Strips

Determine how many filler strips are needed (we needed four), insert the screws through the shutter frame and slide the filler strips onto the screws.

Step 5

Mount Shutters

Hold the shutter in place, aligning the screws with the pre-drilled holes. Slowly tighten the screws into place. Repeat this step for the other side.

Pro Tip

Don’t tighten screws too tight in case adjustments are necessary.

Step 6

Check Alignment and Adjust

Close the shutters in place to ensure that everything aligns properly. After any necessary adjustments are made and the shutters close properly, insert the screw-cover plugs that should have come with the kit.

Step 7

Mark Hardware Placement

Layout the hardware for the shutters by making a pencil mark half-way down on the face of the shutters. Place a level on the mark and use a pencil to draw a perfect horizontal line on each side of the shutter frame.

Step 8

Measure and Pre-Drill Holes

Measure for the centerpoint on each door frame and make a vertical mark that intersects with the horizontal line. Use a 1/4" drill bit to pre-drill holes on each door where the vertical and horizontal lines intersect.

Step 9

Attach Fixtures and Test

Screw in the right-side knob -- without the latch -- into the pre-drilled hole on the shutter. Repeat steps for the left-side knob, with the latch.

Test the lock by closing the latch.