Step 1

Start By Measuring

Measure the interior width of the window and add 4” for an exterior mounted Roman Shade. Next, measure the height of the window as well to determine the length of shade.

Step 2

DIY Roman Shade

DIY Roman Shade

Mark Bracket Holes

Using a level and pencil, mark the bracket holes to mount the first bracket on far right side of the window header.

Step 3

Drill and Secure First Bracket

Drill holes for bracket screws based on pencil marks. Screw the first bracket into place.

Step 4

DIY Roman Shade

DIY Roman Shade

Mount Other Bracket

Rest a long level on the first bracket, and use a pencil to mark the bracket holes for the second bracket on the far left side of the window header. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to mount the left side bracket.

Step 5

Mount Center Bracket

Measure and mark the center of the header for third bracket placement. Place the level on top of the two mounted brackets. Hold the center bracket in place and mark the bracket holes.  Repeat steps 3 and 4 to mount the center bracket.

Step 6

DIY Roman Shade

DIY Roman Shade

Remove Valance

Remove the velcroed valance from the roman shade.

Step 7

Mount Headrail

Insert the front edge of the shade headrail onto the front hooks of all three mounting brackets. Push the bracket lever firmly against the front of the headrail to lock it into place. Repeat this step on the remaining two brackets.

Step 8

Re-Velcro and Hang

Velcro the valance back onto the roman shade. Pull the shade down to the desired height. (This one is cordless and retractable.  Other shades may require pull-cords to adjust the height.)