Measure for the Center Line

Measure for the center line by making a chalk line and pencil marks.

Step 1

lay the tape with 2 people to keep it uniform

Lay the Tape Down

Lay the tape with two people to line it up perfectly, keep measuring while taping to keep it uniform. Fold the tape over at the end to make a tab so it's easier to pull off.

Pro Tip

Be sure to tape the sides of the steps because once the coating begins, the job can get messy.

Step 2

use stencil to get a brick border look at landing

Tape on a Brick Stencil

To create the look of a brick border at the landing of the steps, tape on a brick stencil.

Step 3

Scrub a Primer Into the Concrete

Before the final coat is applied to the concrete, scrub a primer into the concrete with a hand brush. This primer coat serves two purposes: 1) It supplies a great layer for adhesion, and 2) It creates a barrier between the final coat and the existing concrete. If any of the moisture from the final coat gets absorbed into the existing concrete, it wouldn't be as durable in the long run.

Step 4

Mix a Darker Color for the Steps

Mix a darker color of gray for the steps -- use a 1/2" drill with a mixing paddle.

Step 5

Mix the Dye and Water

Poor a bag of cementious dye into the bucket of water, and mix it.

Step 6

one person uses hopper gun to spray and one mixes

Spray the Hopper Gun

Pour material into hopper. Spray the hopper gun on medium spray. (Have two people available -- one to mix and the other to spray so the concrete won't dry and create a line.)

Step 7

brick effect created with stencil and red paint

Protect the Unpainted Areas

To create a red brick effect, go over the stenciled area with a light coat of red. Have someone protect the unpainted areas by holding cardboard over those areas. The stencil is held down by 2x4s. Let it set for a few hours before pulling off the tape. The material should be dry before pulling the tape.