Step 1

remove closet door

Remove the Closet Door

To remove the closet door, remove the door hinges with the door strike and mallet.

Step 2

place the cam locks

Place the Cam Locks

To build the bookcases, start by putting the cam locks into the cavities on the fixed shelves. It is important that the cams are centered and facing toward the edge.

Step 3

use a white rubber mallet

Use a White Rubber Mallet

Use a rubber mallet to ensure they’re seated correctly. Use a white rubber mallet when working with white painted woodwork so there are no scuff marks on the white painted surface.

Step 4

use fixed shelf pins to secure fixed shelves

Secure the Fixed Shelves

Use fixed shelf pins to secure fixed shelves into the side panels of the bookcase. Put the middle shelf at 36 inches because it is counter height and a good place to display items.

Step 5

Dry Fit the Pieces

Dry fit all of the pieces together before starting to nail so you have all the finished sides facing the same way (image 1). Once everything is in place, tighten the cams (image 2).

Step 6

mark fixed shelves

Mark the Shelves

Before attaching the back of the shelving unit, mark the fixed shelves so you’ll know where to nail.

Step 7

Attach the Back Panel

Secure the back panel with a bead of wood glue to the rabbited edges, making sure the bookcase is square so the corners line up perfectly (image 1). Line up the marks on the fixed shelves so you have a nailing schedule (image 2).

Step 8

secure back of bookshelf in place

Secure the Bookshelf

Use an impulse nailer to secure the back of the bookshelf into place. Nail about every six inches both down the sides of the bookcase and across the shelves.