10 Things You Should Know Before Installing a Skylight

Educate yourself with these helpful tips before installing a skylight.

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Skylights With Electrochromic Glass
Electrochromic Glass Technology allows homeowners to use a remote control to tint skylight glass from clear to dark without losing the view to the sky.

VELUX America, Inc. Website: www.velux.com

Don't Skimp on Quality

Energy efficiency, water tightness, sound reduction and other factors such as load and wind resistance are important considerations. Explore additional options such as shading, UV coatings and ventilation. Also, many manufacturers offer high-quality products made from sustainable materials in an effort to protect the environment. Installing a skylight is a serious undertaking, and you want to make sure you'll be satisfied with your decision later on.


In this episode of DIY's Weekend Remodeling, host Fuad Reveiz shows you how to install a skylight. Here's the view of the new skylight from the inside.

Be Careful Choosing Placement

Skylight placement is determined mainly by the placement of your home's rafters. Plan accordingly and keep a space plan or blueprint handy before you start cutting out sections of your roof.

install a skylight in good weather

Bad Weather Can Ruin Your Plans

Rain and bad weather can seriously hinder the project or even make it impossible to continue if moisture gets in midway through the installation process.

the possibility of falling is a real danger

The Possibility of Falling is a Real Danger

Be sure your ladder is the right type and height, and that you are wearing footwear with the proper traction. Depending on the slope of your roof, you may want to consider using roof jacks to support a 2" x 12" board to stand on while you work -- when doing so, secure the roof jacks with nails and make sure the nails are driven into the roof joists and not just through the sheathing.

learn benefits of roofing safety and roofing tools

Though a do-it-yourself roofer himself, Michael Buchtel stresses the importance of proper experience and safety. If you don't have the expertise or lack the confidence, let the pros do it.

Determine the Slope Before You Buy Flashing

There are a vast number of flashing kits available that are specific to a particular pitch, so be sure you have the right information so you can make an educated decision.

remove interior sheathing that is covering roof

Start From the Inside

Once you've removed the interior sheathing, drive four nails or screws in the corners of the box outline you've marked for the skylight. This will make it easier to locate the skylight opening from the roof.

remove full sheet of shingles from roof

Remove the Shingles Before You Start Cutting

Remove the full sheet of shingles from your roof until your marked opening is exposed.

keep skylight like new with waterproof flashing

Waterproof the Flashing

Waterproof flashing attaches to the flashing that comes in the kit and is an excellent method of diverting water and ice flow away from your opening.

add extra drywall and insulation

Take the Time to Add Extra Drywall and Insulation

Be prepared to apply a little drywall and insulation to cut down on condensation and make certain that the light you let in doesn't expose less than-ideal-ceiling space.


And here is the view of the skylight from the outside.

Consider a Self-Ventilating Skylight

There are many brands of skylights have an option that allows you to vent your room as well as illuminate it.

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