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Step 1


Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint is a good start and it’s easier to apply once the doors, shelves and countertop are removed. Filling the holes with wood putty, and then sanding gives you a smooth surface to paint. Wire shelving and pull-out storage baskets can be installed to help you get organized.

Step 2


Add a Contemporary Look

To make the job easier, go ahead and install the faucet and sink before lowering the countertop into place. Turn off the cold and hot water supply before you install a new faucet. Adding a new mirror and light fixture will give your bathroom a whole new look without spending a lot of money. Turn off the power at the service panel prior to replacing the light fixture. Painted doors mounted with new hinges and updated hardware will make the vanity look more contemporary.

Step 3


Install a New Countertop

Apply a bead of adhesive to the vanity base before lowering the countertop into place. Caulk around the sink to form a watertight seal with the countertop. Installing a granite countertop will give the vanity a high-end look.